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Aksan KozmetikMissionQuality Policy
Aksan Kozmetik was established with DEEP FRESH brand in Istanbul,in 2008.

Whitin the aim of being an international strength in developing of good quality, innovator, consumer needs products in wet wipes sector, Aksan Kozmetik involved in Baby Care Products market with HAPPY KINDER brand and reached the export up to 40 countries. We have also added Personal Care & Home Care Products to the product range in 2013,released COMFORT LOVE brand to the market. Thus the export come up to 80 countries in 5 continent, in 2015.

Groving by earning to all their employees, to suppliers who are in cooperation with, work partners and customers, Aksan Kozmetik intends to be a leader beneficial company to society, economy and environment, currently manufactures in Hadimkoy, provides strong employement in the region with 200 employers.

In 20.000 m2 Hadimkoy facility, we have 150 million pcs/year integrated production group, personal care, baby care, home and auto care categories.

Turkey’s and world’s major chain store special products manufacturer and potent brand’s refill supplier Aksan Kozmetik,keeps investing in the area.

Aksan Kozmetik who has acquired a principle to provide best service to domestic and foreign market customers, uses the advantage of geographical location effectively. Proximity to major ports, fast service at the termin of the services and products needed and upper levels of the logistics capability makes Aksan Kozmetik trustworthy towards customers & long term trading company.

Along with the export bussiness Aksan Kozmetik also invests in Turkish market, build our domestic sales network and offered most of our brands for sale in important locations. Company’s goal is to become a leading organization with powerful and
well-known brands domestically.

Aksan Kozmetik features many products that meets quality standarts of ISO 9001, ISO 22176 GMP, SASO & CNP; can be listed as wet wipes, cotton group, baby care products, personal care products, hair products, shower gels, liquid soap, furniture polish, kitchen-bathroom-owen-window-leather cleaners.Beyond these products continuing studies of upcoming projects and items for personal care and cleansing categories.

To create a work environment that gives the excitement and pride to our employees providing continuity of personnel satisfaction who effects incessant success of the company; being a company who emphasizes ethical values, socially responsible, always aiming to win, develop knowledge, skills and competency of their employees who has increasing qualifications, revial their potential, provide consistently superior performance to be the most preffered company in each relevant sector and maintain the position.
Our production system has ISO 9001-2008, ISO 22176-2007 quality management system certificates.
To meet the expectations and demands of our national and international customers at the highest level in the cosmetics industry and maximize their satisfaction.
To comply with requirements of quality management system and continiously improve effectivenss.
To provide products in proper quality, price and on time to our customers by ensuring product quality in our production processes improving constantly.
To give necessary trainings to employees who love their work, possessive, disciplined and respectful.
To ensure all our stakeholders to be the parts of our system.
To be a constantly growing, industry leading, respecting the environment organization.